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TeleWork-Out Day 12: Burpees for my Brother!

In honor of my brother's 30th Birthday, we're doing burpees today! But, this work-out involves more than 30 burpees, because 30 isn't that old. Don't do the math, just do what you can, safely.

Brittany’s TeleWork-Out: Day 12

Flipping through a deck of cards, perform repetitions of the number on the card, 2-14 reps (Jack = 11, Queen = 12,

King = 13, Ace = 14)

Hearts: Burpees

Diamonds: Push Ups

Spades: Air Squats with Isometric Bicep Hold

Clubs: Chair Dips

Join me live on Microsoft Teams at 11:30 a.m. EST.

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