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Weekly Work-Outs


20-15-10-8 X

- Dumbbell Curls

- Dumbbell Shoulder Press

- Curl Thrusters

- Close-Hand Push Ups


Perform each exercise to the song, "Bring Sally Up," moving up when the song says "up" and down when the songs says "down."

"Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down" Squats Or Chair Squats

"Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down" Push Ups OR Elevated Push Ups

"Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down" Plank Elbows to Straight Arm Plank/Straight Arms to Down Dog

"Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down" Slider V-Ups OR Lying Back Bridges


4 Rounds:

- 15 Sumo Deadlifts

- 15 Slider Leg Curls

- 10 Bulgarian Lunges OR Back Lunges, per leg

- 10 Good Mornings

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