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Work-Outs during Dorian

First of all, let's be thankful Dorian has not done more damage than it already has and keep praying for those in the Bahamas.

Being stuck inside during a hurricane is a GREAT time to work-out! Prepped and waiting for Dorian to make it's move during this long weekend, I personally preferred running to get outside, but now that the wind and rain has arrived, here's a couple indoor work-outs Troy and I did in our shuttered up home this week:

With weights:

Work-Out 1:

4 Rounds:

- 10 Ab Rollers/30-60 second Front Plank

- 10 Barbell/Dumbbell Bent Over Rows

3 X 5 Barbell Cleans/Dumbbell Thrusters

Work-Out 2:

Cardio of choice: Run (if safe), Jump Rope or Alternate between Air Squats, Butt Kicks and High Knees

2 X 10 Back Barbell Lunges, per leg

2 X 10 Front Barbell Lunges, per leg (Like Front Squats, but Lunges!)

No weights? No problem:

Deck of Cards:

Hearts: Normal Push Ups

Diamonds: Close Hand Push Ups

Clubs: Air Squats

Spades: Good Mornings

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