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Weekly Work-Outs: Happy Birthday Troy!

For Troy's birthday (his first birthday married to me!), I asked for his favorite exercises to plan today's work-out. He mentioned the Big 3 (Chest, Back and Legs), but having to work without weights today (February 9th), I came up with the following.

Saturday, February 9th!

20 minutes of The BIG 3:

- 1 min Push Ups/Front Plank

- 1 min Wall Squat

- 1 min Superman/Back Bridge

- Rest with 1 min Star Sit Ups


15 minutes of:

- Stairs

- 10 Air/Jump Squats

- 20 Push Ups


Hearts: Push Ups

Diamonds: Chest Flyes

Clubs: Sit Ups

Spades: Prone Lateral Raises


3-4 Rounds:

- 10 Hammer Curls

- 10 Dips/Cable Tricep Push Downs

- 10 Curl Thrusters

- 10 Skull Crushers

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