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Weekly Work-Outs: Mr. & Mrs. Freeman!

Troy and I are married! It's weird getting back into the regular work routine after feeling like royalty during our wedding and Honeymoon, but it feels great to be married, ready to take on life together! #Freeman4ever2018


Hearts: Burpees

Diamonds: Sit Ups

Spades: Curls

Clubs: Close Hand Push Ups


15 minutes:

- Stairs

- 10 Air/Jump Squats

- 10 Walking Lunges, per leg

- Sprint down Sidewalk


45 seconds Work X 3 of each:

- Treadmill, no motor

- Wall Squat

45 seconds Work X 3 of each:

- Thrusters

- Front Plank

45 seconds Work X 3 of each:

- Arm Haulers

- V-Ups


10-15-20-15-10 X

- Push Ups

- Seated Rows

- Seated Overhead Presses

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