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Weekly Work-Outs

Sorry for the delay in Weekly Work-Outs this week. I took a day off work for a dermatology appointment after which I was told not to work-out or do yoga for about seven days! So, I have not been very motivated to plan work-outs to be honest. It was just a little cyst removal, but I guess doctor's want us to be super cautious when it involves the face. Anyway, already in Melbourne for the doctor, we decided to have lunch then go by the mall to find my wedding shoes. After walking by a pet store in the mall, Troy decided we needed a puppy ASAP. Maybe it was the Valium still in my system from the procedure, but I wasn't opposed to the idea. Instead of the mall, we found the closest pet store still open, where this cute little pup was! So, our week has been busy but fun!


3 Rounds:

- 10-20 Push Ups

- 10 Sit Ups

3 Round:

- 10 Bent Over Rows

- 10 Shoulder Presses


3 Rounds:

- 10 Bulgarian Lunges, per leg

- 5 X 1 Leg Romanian Deadlifts, per leg OR 10 Good Mornings

- 10 (total) Star Sit Ups

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