Weekly Work-Outs

Day One:

15 min:

- Farmer Carries down hallway

- 20 Sumo Deadlifts

- Farmer Carries back down hallway

- 5 Step Ups, per leg

- 10 (total) Aerobesque Flyes

Day Two:

5 Rounds:

- 10 Hammer Curls

- 10 Close Hand Push Ups

- 5 Curl-Arnold Presses

- 10 Dips/Tricep Push Downs

Day Three:

Hearts: Glute Hip Lifts on Stability Ball

Spades: Lunges/Jump Lunges, per leg

Clubs: Good Mornings

Diamonds: Front Plank Slider In and Outs

Day Four:

20-18-16-14-12 X

- V-Ups

- Star Sit Ups (total count)

- Sit Ups

- Arm Haulers

- Push Ups

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