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More than Work-Outs

When Troy and I started this blog, we were both passionate about working out. We still are, but it's become more of an activity of daily living, we don't have to focus so much on anymore to maintain. Despite doubts through out my life, I don't remember a time that I completely lacked belief in God and desired, or at least felt compelled, to strengthen my faith and relationship with Him. When Troy and I began dating, he did not believe in God. Troy was not opposed to the idea of God, and he was very open and intrigued by spiritual concepts; which made me feel compatible despite this difference in what our faith was based. Still, there was an underlying stress associated with this difference, but we didn't hesitate being completely honest about it and never discouraged each other from expressing our thoughts and beliefs. This definitely challenged my faith, as I considered points of view I hadn't much before. It encouraged me to find that proof in life after this, to remind myself and show Troy, because I recalled how scary the thought of nothing after life is and hated the thought of the one I love feeling that too. Plus, believing I will die and go to Heaven, the thought of Troy, my soul mate, not being there with me, was unacceptable. Thankfully, I maintained peace and patience, and Troy found this proof to believe in God, thanks to my family's willingness to discuss their faith with him and Troy's openness to research it himself, on March 12, 2018, three months ago today! Having developed this common interest, the passion for working out has NO comparison! The passion to live our lives for God, something bigger than ourselves, far outweighs anything this world, and our own abilities, can offer. With that being said, we don't want to confine this blog to Work-Outs, recipes, my experience with Celiac disease and small talk. Don't worry, we'll still post Weekly Work-Outs, but we want to include the BIG stuff too!!!!

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