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Weekly Work-Outs & Something Sparkly!

Last week was busy, hence not posting Weekly Work-Outs. Troy and I spent a few days in South Carolina to visit my friend, her husband and baby boys before they move to Vietnam. Thinking we would spend time with them then attend a small Memorial Day cook-out at my Dad's house, I was surprised to be greeted there by so much family. It was great to see everyone, but the bigger surprise followed a family photo when Troy asked me to marry him! I was very surprised, thrilled to share the moment with those I love and commit to marry the love of my life.

With a wedding and Honeymoon to plan, there's a lot of incentive to look and feel our best. So, back to the Weekly Work-Outs. Lately, Troy and I have been focusing on long-term wellness, developing healthy nutrition habits, rather than short-term diets, work-outs that make our joints feel good, not rusty, and trying to prioritize what matters most in life: our relationship with God, family, friends and each other. This requires a life time of effort, but it is well worth it and fun. Aim for improvement, not perfection :)

Day One

2 minutes Jump Rope/Jumping Jacks

5 minutes:

- 5 Pull Ups

- 10 Push Ups

- 15 Squats

5 minutes:

- 5 Romanian Deadlifts

- 5 Bent Over Rows

- 5 Shoulder Press

- 5 Thrusters

Day Two

15 minutes:

- 10 Slider V-Ups

- 30 second Slider Mt. Climbers

- 20 (total) Russian Twists

- 30 second Slider Leg Curls

- 10 Good Mornings

Day Three

15 minutes:

- 10 Box Step Ups, per leg

- 20 Calf Raises (10 Toes In, 10 Toes Out)

- 10 Side Lunges, per leg

Day Four

4 Rounds:

- 10 Seated Curls

- 10 Dips

- 10 Curl Thrusters

- 5 Close Hand Push Ups

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