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Weekly Work-Outs & Positive Perspective

On my way to work last week, I got stuck at the draw bridge...again. Thankfully, I was early, for once; so I was relieved it didn't cause the usual irritation. Upon stopping, I noticed the man next to me getting out of his van. The little girl in the front passenger seat was wearing Mickey Mouse ears and the man had on a straw hat, no shoes and a button up floral t-shirt; so, clearly, they were tourists. But, why was he getting out of the van? It's a draw bridge, not a rocket launch. Then, I realized, he got out to take pictures of the draw bridge, admiring what's made me extremely frustrated and stressed out numerous times on my way to work! The water was beautiful like always and the bridge is cool, I guess; but too often, I take advantage of this beauty I drive by everyday. What we see as an annoyance may be beautiful in someone else's eyes :)


15 min of:

- 10 Thrusters

- 10 Jump Squats

- 10 X 1 Leg Glute Hip Lifts on Stability Ball


3 Rounds:

- 10 Curls

- 10 Close Hand Push Ups

3 Rounds:

- 10 Lateral Raises

- 10 Bent Over Rows


15 min of:

- 10 Lunges, per leg

- Farmer Carries down hallway

- 1 min Wall Squat

- Farmer Carries back


Working four minutes per two exercises, alternate between each with a partner 45 sec Work, 15 sec Switch:

- Rower and V-Ups

- Treadmill and Burpees

- Versa Climber and Wall Squat

- Wall Balls and Front Plank


3 Rounds:

- 5 X 1 Arm Seated Cable Rows, per arm

- 10 X 1 Arm Shoulder Press, per arm

3 Rounds:

-10 High Elbow Bar to Sternum Rows

-10 X 2 Arm Shoulder Presses

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