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Gluten Free Pizza Update

It’s been awhile since I began my search for a good gluten free pizza, and I finally found some! Or, my taste buds are adapting to gluten free-ness; so to prove they're better, I had Troy test taste them...while eating a Papa John's pizza. Results: The best frozen gluten free pizza I’ve tried is Freschetta’s, and my favorite recipe so far is from Minimalist Baker. I just tweaked their recipe a bit, as shown below.


Makes 1 Medium Pizza

My Favorite Toppings:

- Publix Pizza Sauce

- Daiya Mozzerella/2% Mozzerella


- Italian Turkey Sausage

- Onions

- Pickled Jalapenos

- Spinach

Dissolve the Yeast in warm water by mixing it in then letting it set about five minutes. I add the honey, oil and salt to the water, then mix the flour and baking powder separate. Mix everything then spread onto a sprayed baking sheet (Gluten Free cooking spray or just olive oil). Bake it at 350 for about 20 minutes, or until it seems done. I usually warm up my oven with Broil, let the crust broil a couple minutes, flip the crust, add toppings, then let it bake until it looks good. I like mine less crispy and soft, especially being gluten free crust, to make sure it doesn’t bake too much and become card-boardish!

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