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A few people have asked how to make one of our favorite snacks, Sscruumm...I don't know what to call it. My co-workers, Troy and I have called it several names, including Crumble, so I'll go with that.

It's easy to make...


4 servings

- 1 cup Quick Oats

- 2 ripe Bananas

- 4-8 T Natural Peanut Butter

- 4 Egg Whites

Optional: cinnamon, vanilla, honey, flax seed, chia and/or cocoa powder

*cocoa powder will make them less sweet, so you may want to add cocoa with Stevia or honey

Preheat the oven. My oven's baking ability is broken, so I set mine to Broil. Mash the bananas and peanut butter together (I usually microwave the bananas and peanut butter for easier mashing), then mix in the oatmeal and egg whites. Place the mix on a greased baking sheet, as cookies or just spread it out evenly. Because I use Broil, I flip the mix after a few minutes (before it burns), then cook the other side to the crispiness desired. When done cooking, let it cool, then, if not baked as cookies, break it into bite size pieces and freeze. We prefer eating Crumble frozen. It makes a good, healthy To-Go snack!

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