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Chest & Legs

Are you short on time? Maybe you are running late, getting home in time to watch the next episode of House Wives or Game of Thrones. Well, fret no more. You’ll save time with today’s routine, targeting multiple large muscle groups in a moderate amount of time. The only issue you will have is lack of room on your couch for your significant other or kids, because of your big pumped-up muscular body.

*All exercises have a 2 minute rest between sets with a rep range of 8-10 for all movements unless specified.

Super-set Four Sets:

  • Back Squats

  • Bench Press

Super-set Four Sets:

Super-set Four Sets:

  • Dumbbell Chest Flies (rep range of 8-12 for the chest movement only)

  • Romanian Dead Lifts

Super-set Four Sets:

  • Calf raises on leg press machine, or other equipment available to you

  • Cable Chest Flies, bringing cable from bottom to top

Super-set Three Sets:

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