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More Biceps & Triceps... pretty muscles ; )

After this work-out, you will need to start walking through garage doors sideways to fit your massive arms through, so forget about living in a regular house after this. You will achieve the title "Manimal" or "Ma'aminal," for you ladies out there.

Four sets of 21s:

  • 7 Barbell (EZ/Preacher Curl Bar) Curls from full extension at quads to 90 degrees

  • 7 Barbell Curls from 90 degrees to shoulders

  • 7 Full Barbell Curls

*Rest one minute between sets.

Super-set Four Sets of:

  • 8-12 Reverse EZ Bar Curls

  • 8-12 EZ Bar Overhead Triceps Extension

*Rest for 30-45 seconds between sets

Super-set 4 Sets:

  • 8-12 Dumbbell Hammer Curls

  • 8-12 Close Grip Flat Bench Press

*Rest 30-45 seconds between sets

Super-set Four Sets of:

  • Hold a 45 pound plate (or what you are comfortable with) @ 90 degrees for 1 minute

  • Close grip push-ups until failure

*Repeat with NO rest between sets

Four sets of:

Cable triceps extensions while focusing on the negative portion of the exercise.

*Rest 30 seconds between sets

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