Weekly Work-Outs

Let's start October strong! There are only three work-outs planned for Weekly Work-Outs/classes this week, so if you need more, check out the other Work-Outs posted on our blog. Have fun!


15 min of:

- 30 sec Side Plank with Lower Leg Raised

- 30 sec Side Plank with Upper Leg Raised

- Stability Ball Leg Raises/Med Ball Circles X 10 per side/leg on top

- 10 Slider Plank V-Ups


3 Rounds:

- 20 KB/DB Sumo Deadlifts

- 1 min Wall Squat (try to hold one leg up, same time per leg)

3 Rounds:

- 10 Good Mornings

- 10 EZ Bar Front Squats


15 min of:

- 5 Chin Ups/Reverse Grip Lat Pull Downs

- 10 Seated Curls

- 10 Seated Rows

- 10 Dumbbell Bent Over Rows

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