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It's finally here! This back workout serves two purposes: it will give you the wing span of a B-52 bomber and cure ILS (Invisible Latissimus Syndrome). So go ahead and plan your new vacation spot, because you will not need to pay for airlines anymore. Not only will this target your entire back, your arms and legs will be recruited for some of these movements. All of these movements will only have a 1-2 minute rest period, with the exception of the second to last exercise, if you plan on doing the bonus part of this work-out (FOR BEAST MODE PEOPLE ONLY).

Four sets of dead lifts with a rep range of 6-10

Four sets of weighted (if you need extra) chin-ups with a rep range of 6-10

Three sets of these four exercises, with no rest between and a rep range of 8-10:

  • Lat pull-down (wide overhand grip)

  • Cable face pulls (with rope)

  • Cable rows (close grip V bar)

  • Cable front lat pull-down.


Straight after these exercises rest for 2-3 minutes, then do the following:

  • Three sets of farmer carries, walking approximately 20 yards with either dumbbells or metal logs (if your gym has the equipment).

  • After each set, rest for 1-2 minutes, then repeat the movement.

*I highly advise using wrist straps so you can carry more weight.*

This work-out definitely achieves functional fitness and gets us out of the forward motion comfort-zone we are typically stuck in most of the day. Starting with extremely effective full-body exercises, dead lifts and pull ups, this work-out helps build major muscle groups that use a lot of calories. Whether you can add weight for pull-ups, only get 8-10 without adding weight, or have to use assist (assisted pull-up machine, bands, heavy lat pull downs or jumping pull-ups), they help us support our own body weight more efficiently.

Naturally, we tend to get stuck in forward motion most of the day, because our eyes are in the front of our bodies. So, during computer work, driving and walking, we tend to build tightness in the front, chest area, maybe a bit of a hunch back and strain in the upper back. Working the back to this extent can prevent, alleviate and cure this strain. For better posture, less pain, functional fitness and of course, better looks, don’t neglect back day!

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