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Starting A Journey to Better Wellness

First of all, thank you for visiting our website! Some of you may have been to my other website,, which I used primarily while I had my personal training business. Now, I am happily employed full-time at the Kennedy Space Center along with my boyfriend, Troy. Employed now, instead of just working for myself, I can switch focus from accruing clients to simply sharing wellness advice and inspiration with Troy, who's motivated me to better do so.

Sharing the same passion to promote wellness, Troy and I have decided to start this website and a YouTube channel. Also, having gotten several requests to share my weekly class routines, this will be a great resource to provide that. So, we will start by sharing the week’s worth of work-outs I had my classes do last week and this week's. Knowing you (even those of you who attend my classes at the Kennedy Space Center on a regular basis) may not know what all of these exercises are without examples, we have added links to our YouTube videos for demonstration.

Day One

Warm-Up: Donkey Complex and Leg Swings X 10 of each exercise per leg

3 Rounds:

- 10 Walking Lunges/Back Lunges, per leg

- 1 min Wall Squat with DB Curl to OH Presses

- Walking Arabesques Flyes X 10 (total or 5 per leg) alternating

- 10 Narrow-Hand Push-Ups

Day Two

20, 15, 10 X

- DB Shoulder Presses

- V-Ups/Bent Knee V-Ups

- Push-Ups

- Easy Bar Good Mornings

- DB Lateral Raises

Day Three

3-4 Rounds:

- Plate/Box Push across floor

- 15 Push Ups

- 1 min Front Plank

- Plate/Box Push across floor

- 15 V-Ups/Bent Knee V-Ups

Day Four

3 Rounds:

- 20 Burpees

- 10 Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

- 20 Jump Squats

- 15 Dumbbell Lateral Raises

- 15 Front Squats/Overhead Squats

Day Five

- “Sally Up” Leg Raises

- 1 min Plank

- “Sally Up” Air Squats

- 1 min Wall Squat

- “Sally Up” Plank Surrenders (front plank on elbows to straight arms, alternating arms for first up)

- 1 min Back Plank/Back Bridge

*"Sally Up" is a song you can find on YouTube, then perform the exercises according to the what the song tells you (move into the "up" part of the leg lift/squat/plank surrender when it says, "Sally Up" then the down portion when it says, "Sally Down."

For those of you who wanted a sneak peak for the rest of this week's work-outs:



3 Rounds of:

- 10 Bulgarian Lunges, per leg

- 20 Slider Leg Curls

- 10 Kettle Bell/Dumbbell Sumo Deadlifts


50-40-30 seconds of:

- Flutter Kicks

- Arm Haulers

- Scissor Kicks

- Calf Raises, toes in

- Side Planks

- Front Plank

- Prone Overhead Arm Raises



50-40-30 sec of:

- Alternating Back Lunges

- Good Mornings

- Single Leg Calf Raises (25-20-15 reps per leg)

- Front Plank

- Arm Haulers

- Side Planks


15 min of:

- 10 Curl Thrusters

- 10 Dips

- 10 Seated Curls

- 10 Narrow-Hand Push-Ups


15 min of:

- 1-Arm Overhead Presses X 10 per arm

- 10 Thrusters

- 10 X Bent Over Rows

- 10 High Elbow Bar-to-Sternum Bent Over Rows


Deck of Cards:

Hearts: Burpees

Diamonds: Good Mornings

Spades: Sumo Squats/Sumo Deadlifts

Clubs: Push Ups

*Flip through the whole deck, performing the reps on each card, 2-10 and 11(Jack), 12(Queen), 13(King), 14(Ace), for the exercise as indicated by the card's suit.


15 min:

- 20 Push Ups

- 10 Box Jumps

- 20 (total) Alternating Battle Ropes

- 20 Slider V Ups

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