Surf The Storm!

I had an impulse after work last night. The impulse being to get up in time to run hill repeats behind what used to be the Econo Lodge on Westchester Dr, from the stop sign on Indian River Road to the stop sign on High Point Dr, in Cocoa. Believing the rationale we often have about five seconds to react to an impulse before it is lost, I quickly messaged my mom and best friend asking if they wanted to join. Fortunately, my friend was crazy enough to commit and my mom would have if it were not for an early appointment she had already made. To allow plenty of time for work at 11AM, we planned for 7:30AM, meaning I would need to wake up an hour before minimum (as I would need the chance to become functional) which is early for me, having adjusted to my 11AM-7PM work schedule. We both pulled into the parking lot the exact same time at 7:20AM and managed to complete four of these 0.45 mile hill repeats with four sets of push-ups, to failure, between! It was a bit nostalgic as I think this hill may have been the first place I completed a hill work-out my first year of cross-country at Merritt Island High School 14 years ago.

My motive was not only to get in shape or find out if I could still run like I used to. It had more to do with that invigorating feeling obtained from doing something most would not. I think it’s the feeling most crave during the typical past-times of drunken nights and parties, during which we partake in crazy ventures we would be less inclined to do sober. But, morning comes and we realize, if we remember, that we only attempted such ventures because of our altered state of mind and it really wasn’t that great. I do not say this to discourage drinking, for “There is nothing better for a man, than that he should eat and drink, and that he should make his soul enjoy good in his labour” (Ecclesiastes 2:24). I am just explaining the importance in learning to maintain joy in life rather than depending on temporary sources of happiness. It is this joy that persists despite anger, sadness, happiness and depression, in knowing our life has purpose. I am recalling an old mind set I have lost a bit… It is more rewarding to go beyond the norm, ‘surfing the storm’ most would not, having confidence to dance or sing on stage without ‘Liquid Courage’ or taking the risk for a business venture everyone says you are stupid to take. What is tightening the bridle so much in your life that you must keep running in the same direction? Rather than blame responsibilities for restriction, let them prompt the challenge to think above and beyond that mindset in which most are stuck.

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