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Michelle Obama Arms

My friend asked for arm exercises to get ‘Michelle Obama Arms.’ It is not intentional, but unfortunately I have difficulty keeping up-to-date with the media, politics and really most things going on outside of my little bubble wherever it happens to be. So, though I had heard she has good arms, I had to find a picture of Michelle Obama’s arms to see for myself. I agree, she does have pretty, sculpted arms. Like almost anything worth having, good arms take work, unless you are genetically predisposed to good arms, like I have been genetically predisposed to good legs. But, in having this predisposition, I can only take half the credit, and overcoming genetic predisposition to get what you want makes it much better, because you can take ALL the credit rather than half or none. We all have our challenges, and it is important to keep in mind that achieving the bodies we want is not a life saver. We will never achieve perfection, but that is no excuse for not working harder to become better in ALL areas of life.

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Do not settle for what you have been given or already have…Work to become stronger, smarter and more successful than you were yesterday. We can do better!

Day One:

20-18-16-14-12-10 X

[if !supportLists]- [endif]Ab Wheel/Med Ball Roll Outs

[if !supportLists]- [endif]Mountain Climbers

[if !supportLists]- [endif]1 Arm DB Overhead Press with Opposite Knee Raise, per side

[if !supportLists]- [endif]Front Squats with Easy Bar

Day Two:

3 Rounds:

[if !supportLists]- [endif]10 Bulgarian Lunges (one foot on edge on non-moving platform)

[if !supportLists]- [endif]10 X 1 Leg Romanian Dead lifts/Box Taps, per leg

[if !supportLists]- [endif]10 Hindu Push Ups

[if !supportLists]- [endif]1 min Cardio Machine

Day Three:

3 Rounds:

[if !supportLists]- [endif]10 DB Curl Thrusters

[if !supportLists]- [endif]10 Diamond/Close-Hand Push Ups

[if !supportLists]- [endif]10 Box Jumps/5 Step Ups, per leg

[if !supportLists]- [endif]20 Jump Rope

Day Four:

16-14-12 X

[if !supportLists]- [endif]Ab Wheel/Med Ball Roll Outs

[if !supportLists]- [endif]Good Mornings w/Easy Bar

[if !supportLists]- [endif]V-Ups

[if !supportLists]- [endif]Knee Raise-Opposite Arm DB Overhead Press, per side (focus on keeping a

‘square’ torso/tight core!)

[if !supportLists]- [endif]Front Plank to Side Plank, per side

Day Five:

3 Rounds:

[if !supportLists]- [endif]6 Chin Ups (Normal, Assist Machine or Step Up for Negatives)

[if !supportLists]- [endif]10 Dips (Normal, Assist Machine or Bench Dips)

[if !supportLists]- [endif]10 Burpees

[if !supportLists]- [endif]20 Push Ups (or, the number you can do ‘strict’ for 3 rounds)

[if !supportLists]- [endif]20 Sit Ups

Day Six:

Deck of Cards:

[if !supportLists]- [endif]Deck of Cards:

[if !supportLists]- [endif]Diamonds: V-Ups

[if !supportLists]- [endif]Hearts: Push Ups

[if !supportLists]- [endif]Spades: Burpees

[if !supportLists]- [endif]Clubs: Thrusters

[if !supportLists]- [endif]Joker: 2 min cardio machine

*Flip through the deck performing the exercise indicated by each card’s suit for the number of reps

indicated on each card (2-14, Jack=11, Queen=12, King=13, Ace=14)

Day Seven:

[if !supportLists]- [endif]Chill!

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