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Creativity Challenge #2

It has been seven days since I posted the first part of my creativity challenge. I have successfully complied with this part of the challenge, to journal two pages per day for seven days, and found it helpful. The second part of my creative-prompting challenge includes a sketch once per day for seven days. This sketch can be combined with writing or by itself. It is simply another way to express creativity without judgment or over-analyzing it. Like writing, sketching is another way to expose, and hopefully better understand, our thoughts, process feelings and make sense of whatever it is going on in our minds. Sometimes it is surprising how difficult it can be to figure out what triggers different emotional responses, stress and optimism. In fact, this analysis often calls for an outside source, a friend, parent, counselor or psychologist. In addition to better figuring out what is going on in our brains, my intention of this challenge is to prompt creativity that has been hindered. Creativity may be hindered for several reasons, like judgment, insecurity, poor time management, stress, distraction, responsibility, occupation, depression, over-stimulation and fear. However, it exists in all of us in some way, so keep trying to figure out where your niche and passion resides.

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