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Creativity Challenge!

I believe a form of creativity is within all of us. However, finding this creativity often requires practice and searching for it. Due to the stresses and influences we get bombarded with everyday, it becomes difficult to interpret what that creativity is that lies within us. So, I challenge you to find it.

Starting with one challenge per week, the first challenge is to write two pages per day. Do not over-think it. Do not criticize or judge it, because it is only you who has to see it. The size of the two pages or handwriting/font does not matter, though I suggest handwriting these pages with pen and paper. I recently heard that we have five seconds to act on an impulse before it dissipates. This is a chance to acknowledge your impulses, write about them, and then hopefully act upon one…or more before they vanish. Whether these impulses are business ideas, life-changing decisions or a poem that seems to have no value, write it!

My challenge for you is to write two pages a day for the next seven days. This is somewhat difficult to request amidst the relevant drama in our lives right now, but I think it is important we understand the necessity in taking the time to listen and understand our own minds in order to help others in our lives and make great things happen. So, take these few minutes every day for the next seven days to pay attention to those thoughts in your mind that may have the potential to make a positive impact in your life and that of others.

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