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May 4, 2020

Brittany’s TeleWork-Out: Day 30

90 sec Wall Squat & 90 sec High Knees

75 sec Wall Squat & 75 sec High Knees

60 sec Wall Squat & 60 sec High Knees

45 sec Wall Squat & 45 sec High Knees

30 sec Wall Squat & 30 sec High Knees

15 sec Wall Squat & 15 sec High Knees

Brittany’s TeleW...

April 29, 2020

Weekly class Videos for TeleWork-Outs and Yoga will be on YouTube 

Brittany’s TeleWork-Out: Day 25

Donkey Complex with 10 reps of each move, per leg:

15 minutes of:

April 22, 2020

Brittany’s TeleWork-Out: Day 20

Hearts: Lying Leg Raises to Hip Raises with Pillow between feet

Diamonds: Alternating Windshield Wipers with Pillow between feet (add 1 to odd #s)

Spades: Butterfly Sit Ups

Clubs: Back Bridge with Alternating March, per side

Brittany’s TeleWo...

April 9, 2020

In honor of my brother's 30th Birthday, we're doing burpees today! But, this work-out involves more than 30 burpees, because 30 isn't that old. Don't do the math, just do what you can, safely. 

Brittany’s TeleWork-Out: Day 12

Flipping through a deck of cards, perform rep...

For some, a vegan or vegetarian diet seems undesirable; but for those interested, is avoiding meat really that much healthier than the typical omnivorous diet? The following is a review of the negative and positive effects of vegan and vegetarian diets. First of all, t...

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