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Welcome to Troy&Brittany

This website was started with our intent to share our passion while helping you find, or better embrace, your own.

Troy: From Titusville, Florida, I am a police officer for Kennedy Space Center. When I’m not enforcing traffic laws and deterring criminal or non-criminal activities, I am focused on my passion for health/fitness and sharing my knowledge with others so they may benefit. I believe that in order to change anything you want in life, whether it be your health, relationships, job, etcetera, you must begin with a mind-set, accepting nothing less than what you want in life. After joining the Marines, I began my journey into the fitness world when I was about 19 years old. I lost sight of fitness and health during my time in the Marines (which doesn’t make sense, I know) and picked it back up five years later. Now at the age of 30, I have been dedicated since then to improve myself, both mind and body. I have created a life I love and always seek to improve it. My next big challenge is teaming up with my beautiful girlfriend, Brittany, to help others become the greatest version of themselves through the information we share on this site and our YouTube channel.

Brittany: Born and raised in Anderson, South Carolina, I am a fitness specialist/ACSM Personal Trainer, with a Bachelors in Biology and Masters in Health/Wellness & Applied Exercise Physiology. When I’m not leading sweat sessions or my pop/country/rock-want-to-be-dance yoga classes for employees at the Kennedy Space Center, I’m probably soaking up my much needed beach, writing, family and Troy-time,or concocting some weird, healthy recipe. With a hefty history of long-distance running, I now enjoy faster paced, circuit-style strength training with an emphasis on muscle confusion. Inclined to a competitive personality, I am learning to pull back on the reigns a bit to incorporate the less vigorous health needs, like stretching, meditation, SLEEP, a more balanced diet, spirituality and other necessary components for improved well-being. I hope others can benefit from what Troy and I have learned, and continue to learn, to become stronger inside and out.

Realizing we make a great team, we’re on a mission to embrace life’s freedom, fun and adventure with hope you decide to do the same! We appreciate your support, by simply visiting our site or donating via Patreon. We aim to provide you with resources to better your lives, and hope to acquire the revenue needed to dedicate more time and effort in doing so.

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